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Park Place Holdings is part of Caleb Hayes Enterprises (CHE), a Midwestern real estate investment company with a successful track record in both commercial real estate, residential real estate brokerages, and a number of affiliate businesses.

We’ve been called to serve and we do so through the power of real estate. We firmly believe that when we are right with our faith and our family, we will be right within our real estate business.

As an organization, we invest significant time and profits in serving others within our community and living our faith.

The Storehouse Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit created by our founder that provides outreach within the communities where we do business and serves Christian community leaders, non-profits and individuals during their times of need.

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Each year our team participates in RED Day, which stands for “Renew, Energize, Donate”. The projects look different every year as we seek to give back in big ways to different parts of our local community. One of our projects can be seen in the video that follows, where we teamed up with local Realtors to flip a house in ONE DAY.

Best Christmas Ever (BCE) is a national non-profit that serves families who have fallen upon tough times, through no fault of their own. BCE partners with local leaders and businesses to bless each BCE family with a custom & unique Best Christmas Ever, tailored to the family situation.

Last year, our offices served 13 families and collectively raised over $250,000 for local families.

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